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Kriya Birth Education Program was developed to provide expectant parents a holistic program to prepare for birth in a way that honors their individual strengths and desires. Kriya Birth is committed to an honest and realistic approach to childbirth. We recognize several important things:

  • Birth is a profound experience in life that should be honored as such.
  • Our pasts shape our current beliefs about birth, therefore each person has different expectations of birth which should be explored.
  • Each woman or partnership brings a unique set of coping skills and resources to their birth experience.  It is our intention to identify and develop those.
  • Childbirth Education is meant to work with couples to achieve an experience that empowers them, but should not be designed to achieve a specific outcome.
  • Understanding the powerful connection between mind and body is an integral part of childbirth preparation.

*This class is currently offered at Wentworth-Douglass Hospital in Dover, NH

The Kriya Birth Doula Certification is a unique program for those aspiring to work with families in their birthing time. This program provides evidence based information, coupled with the unique mind-body approach to birth that Kriya Birth Institute is committed to.  

If you want:

  • the most up to date information
  • flexible programs with no time limit to complete your training
  • an experienced Doula to contact 24/7 during your first two births
  • education that includes running a business; website essentials and marketing
  • education specific to Doulas working in both a hospital or home birth setting
  • access to a supportive community of experienced Doulas
  • an affordable option to continue certification through the years
  • the confidence that comes with being certified by a respected association

Kriya Birth Institute is a great choice for you.

Kriya Birth Certified Educator Program– COMING SOON! Are you interested in working with couples to prepare them for birth through a holistic, empowering approach? Kriya Birth Institute is working hard to make this possible! Please check back as we plan to make this possible very soon!

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