Certification Requirements


  • Become a member of Kriya Birth Institute.
  • Request a Birth Doula Certification packet by emailing lyndi@kriyabirth.com

 *information will be sent to you electronically within 7 days

  • Enroll and complete any one of the Kriya Birth Institute, Birth Doula training programs.

*If you have already attended a Birth Doula Training program through another organization please contact us to see if it qualifies to meet this requirement.

  • Read and sign the following documents – These can be found in the Birth Doula Certification Packet

   *Kriya Birth Code of Ethics

   *Kriya Birth Institute Standards of Practice


Complete independent learning requirements below:

Required Reading or Viewing

  • A list of books and videos can be found in the Certification Packet. These must be read, or viewed and a short review must be submitted with your application for certification.


Breastfeeding Education Requirement:

  • Attend a class Breastfeeding education class. A class local to you is preferred, but some online programs are accepted.  If attending a local class please look for the most comprehensive class in your area. For acceptable online classes please contact us.

* CLC or IBCLC’s with current certification can send proof of certification in place of this requirement.

Childbirth Education Requirement:

  • Any one of the following options is accepted:
  1. Certification as a Childbirth Educator

   *Certification must be current at the time of application.

  1. Recent experience in labor in delivery as a registered nurse or a midwife.

  *Proof of experience within the last 2 year is required.

  1. Observation of a Childbirth Education Class taught at a local hospital or birth center.  

   *This must be taken within 12 months of applying for certification.

   *Class instruction time must be at least 10 hours and you must attend the entire series.  

   * The class must be taught by a Certified Childbirth Educator, Registered Nurse or Midwife.

   * An evaluation must be completed and signed by the instructor. – Evaluation form is provided in the certification packet

Required Experience:

  • Provide labor support to 2 women and their partner or families.

  *Both of these experiences must occur after completing the Birth Doula training class and meeting the Childbirth Education Requirement.  

 *Documentation will be required from each birth. Details of what is required can be found in the certification packet.  

When you have completed all of these requirements you can apply for certification.  There is no cost for certification if your packet is complete.  If you send an incomplete packet we will ask you to resubmit the packet with a $25 fee processing fee.


Recertification Requirements:

Certification through Kriya Birth is good for 3 years from the date of initial certification.  To continue certification you must reapply before the date of expiration.

Requirements for recertification include:

  1. Letter of intent to continue certification as a birth doula.  Your letter should include a brief summary of your experience as a doula and a few points about what you have learned in the past few years.
  2. Proof of attendance at a minimum of 10 continuing education hours/units in the areas of birth, labor support or breastfeeding.  
  3. Two letters of recommendation from families you have supported in the past three years.
  4. You must be a member in good standing of Kriya Birth Institute 

*if extenuating circumstances exist, some of the CEU requirements can be met through reading, or research.  If you intend to ask for consideration of this be sure to do this with plenty of time to do the assignments BEFORE your current certification expires.