Fast Track Doula Certification

Are you a Doula currently practicing but uncertified? Have you been previously certified but your certification lapsed. If you’re looking for an organization to recognize your current skills and education then look no further. We will honor your education and experience.

How it works?

Applications for the fast track program are reviewed on a weekly basis by our board of instructors. If you are approved you will receive a welcome invitation with instructions on how to complete the process. If you are denied you will receive a call from one of our instructors so we can answer any questions or discuss your concerns.

Applications are considered thoughtfully as we understand there are many roads that lead to becoming a Doula. In general we’re looking for the following things: ~ Evidence of your understanding of birth and labor support ~ Good communication skills ~ Attendance at a minimum of 5 births in some form of labor support ~ A passion for this work and a desire to be an active part of the Doula community.

Kriya Birth is here to support all Doulas in any way we can. If you are been practicing without certification but see the value of a supportive professional community, we want to hear from you! All Doulas deserve a place to feel a part of, where they’re supported, strengthened and encouraged. We want to be that place for you. Contact us today for an application.